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Thursday, February 26, 2009

PC Software for Matiz - Daewoo Matiz/Exclusive Fenix 5MR Diagnostic Code Lookup Software V1

For those who know how to read the flash codes, i have compiled it in the shape of
a software

Plz Read the README file

For :: Matiz/Exclusive Owners

If you dont Know how to read flash codes for this model of car
you can learn so by clicking here

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Read Flash Codes (DTC) of Fenix 5MR

Find the DLC Connector underneath the glove compartment

The pins are connected as follows:-


1) Turn Off the ignition
2) Using a paperclip carefully connect pin A to C
3) Turn on the ignition - dont start
4) Yor Check Engine light in dash will flash if there is some DTC stored in ECU

e.g 0201 Code (Injector #1 Fault) will be flashed as

Ten Flashes , pause, Two Flashes, Pause, Ten Flashes, Pause, One Flash, Long Pause

Imp:- zero=Ten Flashes
5) Turn Off the Ignition , remove the paper clip
6) You can Look up the codes using the software

WARNING: Dont try any other pin conections, Improper connections may damage your ECU, This procedure is valid for 'Chevrolet Exclusive' only but not 'Chevrolet Joy' (R) This is valid for 'Chevrolet Exclusive' only but not 'Chevrolet Joy'. if you find that your car dows not have similiar connector or pin configurations, DONT ATTEMPT

DISCLAIMER: Although this procedure works fine with My Chevrolet Exclusive 2005, this website or its author will not be held liable for any damages etc. Try at your own Risk.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

FENIX 5MR and ECU DLC Pin Interconnection Diagram

ECU and DLC Connector reveals its FENIX-5MR (Matiz Diagnostic Connector Location)

The matiz diagnostic connector DLC is located under the Glove compartment area

Fenix 5MR ECU has a 12 Pin DLC

ECU Part Number

96389126 << Daewoo Partnumber
6W << ??
K115444033b << ??

ECU Manufacturer


It is evident from Markings

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